About Us

De Louice Custom Tailors is specialized in custom made suit and shirt.
We also alter, repair, re-style, re-size your clothing.
All our fine craftmanship is backed by more than 40 years experience.

Big & tall size available for custom made suit and shirt.
Custom made uniforms for company & organization available

Last week I walked into a beautifully restored business establishment...De Louice Custom Tailors; the property was remodeled into a piece of art. I knew James Jang, the owner of this newly opened store for a long time; Fairfax Tailors is located in Fair Oaks Mall in Virginia. Even though I live in Virginia, the District of Columbia will beckon my wife, Inez and me in spite of the distance and traffic. We are both very satisfied customers... James brought class to the neighborhood of Friendship Heights, Chevy Chase area; a great addition to a growing and prospering community. The business brings a romantic touch of Korea with American business class decorum....a very welcoming and relaxing place with his smile and warm handshake and the graciousness of his wife Young.

He has had hundreds of well pleased customers; he has served each with honor and distinction...that is the truth. Having opened Fairfax Tailors many years ago, people came to him because they trusted him and his work. I know because I was one of those many clients. Many times when I came, I observed the consideration which each customer received; regardless of how busy he was, each received personal attention...that is professionalism at its best.

Secondly, he is an accomplished and competent tailor. There is no question: he knows what he is doing. I was there many times when customers came into his place of business and, not once, did I witness a complaint with the work product. His professional skill was always evident.

What words come to mind when I think of De Louice Custom Tailors: expert, experience, skillful, businesslike, competent; you can come with utmost confidence to the business in which James Jang is the master craftsman. I wish him many wonderful years of service and many happy customers.

One of his many satisfied customers,

Louis Kramp
Manassas, VA

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